Our Story

We are a wedding photography and film duo based in Sussex. Zoe is a photograper and Richard is a film maker and  illustrator. We got married in 2012 and ever since have been working together to document other people's wedding days.


A zoetrope is Victorian device that creates the illusion of something moving through a series of still images. This is what we hope our photographs will do - reanimate your day in all its splendour.


It rained from morning 'til night on the day we got married, but that's what's so amazing about weddings - it didn't make an ounce of difference, we loved every second because we were surrounded by our favourite people at the beginning of a new adventure.




We love to be a part of other people's days, to witness the excitement, the nerves, the glee. It is such an honour to capture it all - to record the people, the details and the stories.


Working as a duo simply allows us to capture more. It means we can switch between photography and film seamlessly without worrying about missing anything. It means the groom gets as much love as the bride and that the shoes get as much attention as the car.


We live on the sunny south coast, but are always delighted to explore this lovely little country of ours.


We believe in simplicity and honesty. Planning weddings can be complicated so we want to make our part as easy as possible. Please feel free to poke around this site and then get in contact if you'd like to know more.